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The Forum is Open
The Forum is open, is a bit empty for now, but the team is sure, that soon it will be full with new topics and post! :)

News, Offers, Hall of the Testers, Team Candidate and Maps submition are all forums for now.

Join to our forum now!
18. 03. 2007
Ghost of The Past
Ghost of the Past Team
The Site is Open
The Site of GotP is now open, you can read more about GotP in our "about" page, or to watch videos and screenshots of the game, you also can see more interesting things ;)

Some of the site pages are not very full with information, but soon we'll add new things!
All about the Sanctrum II
The story of Sanctrum is ready! For the new in this project  Sanctrum is called the new renegades race in Heroes 5 GotP!

If you want to read more about is, look at the article in our forum.

Of cource you must have a registry to read this exclusive info.

Also you check this high quality screenshot of some creatures from the Sanctum
14. 04. 2007