Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Ghost of the Past is project started with no commercial  purpose it represent an addon of Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

Why? - Heroes 5 is the newest title in the heroes series but it is totaly different... many traditions for the series are removed, like legendary heroes (Sandro) or  favourite creatures like the azure dragons. Many descriptions are changed, many heroes are dead and the story line is not typical for HoMM.

Ubisoft and Nival want for create new beginning for the series, with no links with the old HoMM games...

Other reason is that in HoMM the player haven't got the "same potentiality" like in Heroes 4 for an example, or that  the towns are not very well-balanced.

And finally the interface and the comic graphics + animations are really harassing sometimes.

Our addon will include:

Legendary and Favourite for the fans heroes like Sandro, Ayden, Christian, Solmyr, Astral, Gelu and others
Favourite creatures like Azure Dragon or Gold Golem
Changes in many towns, creatures, heroes and skills
New spells and artificats

... and 5 new campaigns + many, many, many others !
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Ghost of the Past Team
Ghost of The Past